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I love writing, and have been optimizing sites for a long time. I've decided to give back to the internet marketing community with some general tips that have been extremely beneficial to me and the foundation of my internet marketing strategy. Keywords are the brains of search engine optimization, here are some general beginner level tips that if utilized correctly can boost your SERPS immediately.

Good keywords search tool is probably the best free SEO software on the market. This handy software compiles data from overture and gives monthly counts on popular search words and phrases. In example: if you type in the search word "Magazine Subscriptions" it would tell us the exact count on how many times that keyword phrase was typed in. It also provides a long list of similar search phrases that can be useful throughout your site. Again we use the "Magazine Subscriptions" example: search words like: Discount Magazine Subscriptions or Discount Magazines would be complementary words you can use as well. (Editors Tip: Go after keywords you can actually compete for, don't waste your time competing against million dollar corporations and their endless marketing budgets, target keywords with medium level competition, this way you'll actually sniff the top 20 of Google's extremely populated engine)

If you're lacking hard drive space go straight to the source itself. offers an amazing keyword tool. In their marketing resource center, click the link to the "Overture Keyword Selector Tool" this does the same thing Good Keywords does, just a little less slowly and a more modest GUI. (Editors Tip: It is a good idea to target at least 3 keyword or keyword phrases per page. A primary, 2ndary, and supplemental keyword/phrases spread nicely throughout your site with keyword rich text will do wonders for your search engine results)

It has become common knowledge that hidden text does nothing to increase your page rank, or page result score. Why people still try such tricks beats me. Try some other effective 'keyword' and completely Google-legal methods to exploit their algorithms: Add keyword rich text in alt tags, (for example: finish all images with the alt="online magazine subscription graphic" in link title tags (IE: finish links with the title="magazine subscription cheap"), in at least 1 or tag. Keep note of your keyword density, to much of anything is a bad thing. We don't want Google spiders viewing you as spam. For a good rule of thumb, keep Keyword Density between 3-15%. (Editors Tip: You can even use keywords to title your directories. Enter your primary keyword in an

tag, a 2ndary keyword in

tag, and your supplemental keyword in an

tag. Make sure all headers are on the top half of the page.

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